Order Gift card to Massage or Bodywork treatments

You can order a Gift card to Massage, Bodywork or other treatments easily online

A Gift card or Gift certificate is a good way of remembering or congratulating a family member, your partner, colleague or friend. You can provide them a massage that reduces tightness and pain, or some other relaxing or pampering treatment.

Gift card is flexible and environmentally friendly gift which suits nearly for everyone. Even for those who already have everything they need.

When buying a Gift card from us you also support the local small entrepreneurship and ensure that good the local services are found near in the future!

How to order Gift card

  • Order Gift card easily online
  • A Gift card and invoice will be sent to buyer email
  • You can pick up the Gift card from Studio Eudokia by making appointment (we are not there all the time)
  • We can also mail the Gift card
  • If you are in hurry Contact us and we can email PDF Gift card which can be printed or forwarded to receiver
  • A Gift card is valid for six (6) months from the purchase date
  • Please note that the Gift card is only valid for a specific Masseur or Bodyworker on purchase
  • If needed Masseur or Bodyworker can be changed afterwards by agreement
  • Some of our services are specific to Masseur or Bodyworker (see the list on the bottom of the page)
  • You can find our services on Prices page
  • The Gift card is usable only after it’s paid
  • When making booking remember to mention you have a Gift card
  • Please take the Gift card with you when you come for a treatment it’s your payment method

Order Gift card - Studio Eudokia

Summer vacation

You can order Gift card during our summer holidays and we will match the expiration date. well You can reach us by email, phone or text message!
Toni Ilola on summer vacation 24.5.2022-6.8.2022
Jarno Mattila on summer vacation 25.5.2022-2.7.2022

Outi Ivaska on maternity leave

If you have a Gift card to Outi or you want to contact her just give her a call +358 50 583 7055 or check Outi's website

Studio Eudokia has team with strong skilled Massage and Bodywork professionals. You can find our trained Masseurs from the register of the Finnish National Supervisory for Wellfare and Health. Among them you also will find other Bodywork and Wellbeing professionals from our massage studio.

We have been studying and training a lot and will continue it in the future too with different therapies, modalities and special techniques!

Check our Massage and Bodywork services and prices. You can book Office massage, Event massage and get masseur home visit from us. We offer Healthcare Massage services, Bodywork and overall Wellbeing services.

Toni Ilola

Trained masseur & Bodyworker

Massage services

Bodywork and Wellbeing services

Jarno Mattila

Trained masseur & Bodyworker

Healthcare services

Bodywork and Wellbeing services

Ville Vertanen

Trained masseur, Bodyworker & Osteopathy trainee

Healthcare services

Bodywork and Wellbeing services

Outi Ivaska

Bodyworker, Wellness Coach & Reiki master

Bodywork and Wellbeing services