Classic and Sports massage, Indian head massage, Lymph Drainage Therapy, Hot Stone massage, Reiki treatment - Welcome to a world of relaxation!

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Massage and treatment prices

Before coming for treatment it is nice to check the prices and you can find them here.

A good service, massage or other treatments demands knowledge, skills and good physical condition of the masseur. Supporting local entrepreneurs and paying a fair price guarantees that you can find good services in your neighborhood.

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  • If there is name after treatment only that therapist offers the service. If there’s no name at all all our therapists offer that service
  • We are health care professionals and we mostly offer health care services. Besides that we have also learned different bodywork and wellness, relaxing and pampering treatments which need good manual skills to succeed. These services are not health care services!

Health care services

Classic and sports massage

Treatment includes Mobilisation, Trigger Point, Fascia Release and also pregnancy massage techniques

45 min45 €
60 min55 €
90 min75 €
120 min95 €
Series of Massage treatment

When buying series of massage you save from normal prices.

SeriesDiscount percentage 
3 x series of massage5 %
5 x series of massage10 %
10 x series of massage15 %
Cold or heat pack

Note: Inform in advance if you want heat packs to be used, warming takes about 30-45 mins

20 min5 €

Other services (Bodywork, Wellness, Relaxing and pampering treatments)

Ask offer for series of treatment!

Lymph Drainage Therapy (Toni)
30 min35 €
60 min65 €
90 min95 €
Osteopathy 1. year trainee (Ville)
60 min treatment inc. examination and interview55 €
Reflexology (Veera)
45 min treatment + 15 mins relaxing55 €
Indian head massage (Champissage)
40 min45 €
Hot Stone Massage (Toni & Veera)
45 min60 €
60 min70 €
90 min85 €
Thai Yoga massage (Outi)
75 min70 €
Energy massage (Outi)
45 min50 €
60 min60 €
90 min80 €
Reiki (Outi)
30 min30 €
60 min50 €
Aguahara Water relaxation (Outi)

Please note that the entrance fee for Mäkelänrinne Swimming Centre (Mäkelänkatu 49, Helsinki) is at your own cost.

60 min60 €

You are served by

You are served by

Jarno Mattila – Bodyworker, Trained masseur
Outi IvaskaBodyworker, Trained masseur, Reiki-master
Toni IlolaBodyworker,  Trained masseur, Bachelor of Social Sciences
Veera HeikkinenBodyworker, Phsysiotherapist’s assistant, Trained masseur
Ville Vertanen – Bodyworker, Trained masseur, Osteopathy trainee

(suomi) Koti- ja yrityskäynnit

(suomi) Koti- ja yrityskäynnit

We are also doing home, event and office massages at the metropolitan area of Helsinki. You can book us to come to your parties, conferences, fairs or other events. Contact us and ask more!

(suomi) Ajankohtaiset uutiset

(suomi) Ajankohtaiset uutiset

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