Classic and Sports massage, Indian head massage, Lymph Drainage Therapy, Hot Stone massage, Reiki treatment - Welcome to a world of relaxation!

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Therapies and treatments we offer

We offer various types of health care, bodywork, relaxing and pampering treatments!

Health care services

Classic “Swedish” and sports massage

Hands are used to massage the soft tissue (muscles, fascias, aponeurosis, ligaments etc.). This type of massage relieves muscle tension, improves the range of movement available and relieves pain in the process. It can be relaxing too. We also treat all trigger points that we find during massage.

Stretching and consultation

This will increase the range of movement in your joints and improve muscle elasticity and flexibility, which helps you maintain your mobility and balance. Regular stretching is an important part of muscle maintenance, which is unfortunately often overlooked until stiffness and decreased range of movement occurs. You are never too old or too young to start stretching.

We guide you with stretching movements and muscle exercises, using a variety of techniques. We take into account your individual characteristics and pay special attention to stretches that encourage the correct use of muscles and alignment.

We can also give some tips and advices how to treat your own body with massage or how you can have better ergonomy on your everyday life.

Bodywork and relaxing services

Lymph Drainage threrapy

Manual lymphatic drainage is a pleasant massage treatment for the lymphatic system using light, rhythmic and even circular movements. The treatment is gentle and is therefore suitable for customers who are looking for relaxation. Many athletes use lymph drainage to boost the recovery process after sport or injury. This massage treatment can also help if you are suffering from complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) or other types of pain. People who are suffering from different types of edemas (oedemas) will benefit most from manual lymphatic drainage.

Indian head massage

This is a well-balanced and stress-relieving massage, which works on the head and shoulder area. The massage uses many techniques from classic massage and osteopathy. Indian head massage is an effective combination of oriental and Western health care. You sit on a chair during the massage and the masseur supports your head all the time so you can really relax. We don’t use oil on your hair but your hairdo will be a bit of a mess by the time we finish. You don’t have to take your clothes off during this treatment.

Hot Stone massage

Massage is performed by warm smooth basalts stones that are heated in hot water. The color of stones is gray. It is the most recommended type of volcanic stone to use in hot stone therapy, because of the non-porous, smooth texture, combined with their high heat retaining qualities.

Treatment will increasess circulation improving blood flow on the treated area and gives you deep relaxation of muscles, helping to alleviate stress and tension.

Aguahara water relaxation

AGUAHARA is water relaxation that is based on certain moves and stretches happening on the surface of the water or underneath it. The warm water and the aguahara-therapist support the receiver’s body in this liquid space with almost no gravity allowing the body and mind gradually relax through movement impulses and free floating. Aguahara helps a human being to liberate and heal deeply.

Outi gives Aguahara sessions in the therapy pool of Mäkelänrinne Swimming Centre (Mäkelänkatu 49, Helsinki).

Thai Yoga massage

Thai Yoga massage is nice mobilizing massage treatment done on the mattress on the floor. Therapist uses her own body movement and your body weight to perform different stretches and pressure techniques.

Outi’s energy treatments

Reiki Treatment

This calming energy treatment helps to maintain and balance your physical and mental wellbeing. The therapist channels universal vital energy to you through her hands (Chi, Prana, Life Force – however you know it). The Reiki technique originated in Japan and was introduced in the West in the 1930s. Reiki activates the body’s own healing system.

Energy massage

Outi offers energy massage which combines different massage styles with Reiki treatment.

Combination therapy

We can always combine massage and other modalities using different kind of strokes or techniques. It’s nice way to combine different treatments for example neck and shoulder massage or indian head massage combined with fascial lymph drainage is quite relaxing.

Combination therapy can also be shorter than normal treatment for example 30 minutes neck and shoulder massage combined with 15 minutes fascial lymph drainage, which is like having nice fascial massage in the end of the session.

You are served by

You are served by

Jarno Mattila – Bodyworker, Trained masseur
Outi IvaskaBodyworker, Trained masseur, Reiki-master
Toni IlolaBodyworker,  Trained masseur, Bachelor of Social Sciences
Veera HeikkinenBodyworker, Phsysiotherapist’s assistant, Trained masseur
Ville Vertanen – Bodyworker, Trained masseur, Osteopathy trainee

(suomi) Koti- ja yrityskäynnit

(suomi) Koti- ja yrityskäynnit

We are also doing home, event and office massages at the metropolitan area of Helsinki. You can book us to come to your parties, conferences, fairs or other events. Contact us and ask more!

(suomi) Ajankohtaiset uutiset

(suomi) Ajankohtaiset uutiset

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