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Massage, Bodywork and Holistic Wellbeing in kallio, Helsinki!

Our Massage and Bodywork services suits for everyone

We offer various types of Massage, Bodywork, Relaxing and Pampering treatments!​

We can use many pain relieving, deep tissue, mobilizing and techniques during the treatment and lighter pampering and relaxing treatments for overall Bodywork. Outi also offer balancing energy treatments for holistic Wellbeing.

Professional Masseurs and Bodyworkers at your service

We have many treatments to choose from and wide experience doing those. We always study and practice our skills and get more information about new therapies. You can meet our team and see what massage and other treatments they offer on booking page!

Occasionally we offer Studio Eudokia to other skilled  professional Masseurs and Bodyworkers so our customers can try new treatments and therapies.

We can customize massage and other treatments for your needs to get benefits from them, no matter are you suffering from chronic pain, recovering from sports, having bad ergonomics or need a break during stressful work or daily life.

You will surely find treatment that suits you best. If you are unsure about anything just contact us and discuss of your needs. We can also offer combined treatments and mixed massage and other treatments to get benefits from them!

You can also find more information about our services and how we work on Frequently asked question page.

We make you good and effective treatment no matter if you are:

Massage services

Many know Finnish classic massage by the name of Swedish massage where hands are used to massage the soft tissue (muscles, fascias, aponeurosis, ligaments etc.).

This type of treatment can be deep tissue massage which relieves muscle tension, improves the range of movement, helps with muscle stiffness and relieves pain in the process. Massage can also be relaxing and pampering too which rejuvenates and helps with stress.

Massage can be done during whole pregnancy if everything is going normally and of course it’s also good right after giving birth.

Different symptoms and problems are taken into account before the treatment which are related to pregnancy like swelling, increased joint mobility, pain etc.

We also make some changes to the treatment positions after you can’t be facing down on the massage table. Massage position will be side lying and we support you with pillows so you can be more relaxed. If needed massage can be done in seated position with head rest or massage chair.

Massage relieves your stress and rejuvenates your tight or sore muscles during the pregnancy and afterwards when you start to carry and breastfeed the baby.

During the treatment we can also give hints for giving birth, pain relieving, over all wellbeing during pregnancy. After giving birth when breastfeeding and carrying start we can discus about ergonomy, bodywork etc.

Many people have stress and other masticatory problems (TMD = temporomandibular disorders) which may cause pain, exhaustion, weakness, stiffness to area where those msucles and joints are. Headaches, pain in the ears and face are sometimes involved.

Masticatory massage is concentrated to shoulder and neck area including muscles of your face, jaw, and mouth. We also massage your masticatory muscles inside the mouth with gloves on.

We direct you to see dentist or other healthcare professionals if needed!

During the treatment we may use special techniques if needed. Those techniques are done by the hands or with special IASTM (instrument assisted soft tissue instrument mobilization) tools like fascia blades, suction cups, massage gun etc.

Special techniques that we use are:

  • Joint mobilization
  • Soft tissue mobilization
  • Trigger point treatment
  • Fascia treatment
  • Vibration to relax muscles

With those techniques massage get more effective and can help with specific problems.

You don’t need to know which techniques should be used but if you especially want some of those just let us know.

Heat and cold packs can bring extra benefits with massage. Those can be used before, after or during the massage.

Heat increases blood flow locally, relaxes and softens tight muscles and feels very comfortable relieving stress.

Let us know beforehand if you want heat pack because they need to be heated before using. Heat packs are wrapped in to towel when used.

Heat packs are normally used before and during the treatment as they stay warm pretty long so those can be used, moved and replaced during nearly whole massage.

Cold packs are usually used before or after a treatment. Cold decreases swelling and relieves pain. During the massage cold packs are normally used with acute injuries and cold can be used locally for tender muscles or tendons which have inflammation.

Some customers like cold or heat lotions which gives different sensation to the painful area so of course we can use those also.

TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) uses mild electric current and it’s generally used in acute or chronic pain. TENS treatment is effecting to pain signals going to your spinal cord and brain.

TENS might also increase endorphin production in your body. Some people feels that it also relaxes muscles.

You can buy your own TENS device and get instructions how to use it at home.

Bodywork services

The goal in osteopathy is to have well balanced working body. Treatment increases joint mobility, relieves pain and muscle tension, also increasing blood circulation. Osteopathic techniques are soft and mobilizing. Treatment is always made listening the customer and his/her body.

  • At the moment Toni offers only manual lymphatic drainage (lymphatic massage)

Manual lymphatic drainage is a pleasant massage treatment for the lymphatic system using light, rhythmic and even circular movements.

Many athletes use lymph drainage to boost the recovery process after sport or injury. This massage treatment can also help if you are suffering from complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) or other types of pain.

The treatment is gentle and is therefore suitable for customers who are looking for relaxation.

People who are suffering from different types of edemas (oedemas = swelling) will benefit most from manual lymphatic drainage.

We direct you to see physiotherapist or other healthcare professionals for example to give compression therapy or making compression socks with your own measurements!

This is a well-balanced and stress-relieving treatment, which works on the neck, head and shoulder area.

The treatment uses many techniques from classic massage and osteopathy. Indian head massage is an effective combination of oriental and Western health care. 

You sit on a chair during the massage and the masseur supports your head all the time so you can really relax. We don’t use oil on your hair but your hairdo will be a bit of a mess by the time we finish. You don’t have to take your clothes off during this treatment.

We can also combine techniques from indian head massage when you are taking normal classic massage on the massage table.

Massage is performed by warm smooth basalt stones that are heated in hot water. The color of stones is gray. It is the most recommended type of volcanic stone to use in hot stone therapy, because of the non-porous, smooth texture, combined with their high heat retaining qualities.

Treatment will increase circulation improving blood flow on the treated area and gives you deep relaxation of muscles, helping to alleviate stress and tension. We perform good massage with the stones so this treatment is suitable for men and women.

We can always combine massage and other modalities using different kind of strokes or techniques.

For example neck and shoulder or Indian head massage combined with facial lymph drainage is quite relaxing.

Combination therapy can also be shorter than normal treatment for example 30 minutes neck and shoulder massage combined with 15 minutes facial lymph drainage, which is like having nice facial massage in the end of the session.

Bodywork is combination of strength, mobility and rest.

Good basic strength helps you to strive during everyday life. Strengthening your muscles can also help if you’re suffering from symptoms of join hypermobility.

Warming up you body and muscles when doing sports or other activities is also an important part of bodywork, which is unfortunately often overlooked.

Stretching will increase the range of movement in your joints and improve muscle elasticity and flexibility, which helps you maintain your mobility and balance.

I’t also recommended to get sleep enough so your body and brain get time to rest.

When tight or aching muscles are affecting your everyday life, hobbies or work or stiffness, pain and decreased range of movement occurs. it’s time to visit Trained masseseur or skilled Bodyworker.

Typical problems are that you are feeling tired or your body has pain all the time, bending your neck makes pain or crucnhing sound, you aren’t able to close your bras behind your back or brushing you hair feels bad. Sometimes different movements might start to feel uncomfortable or difficult like squatting, pull-up, lifting or just getting up from bed.

We guide you with mobilizing, strengthening and stretching movements and muscle exercises, using a variety of techniques. We take into account your individual characteristics and pay special attention to movements that encourage the correct use of muscles and alignment.

We can also give some tips and advice how to treat your own body or how you can have better ergonomy on your everyday life.

We will direct you to see other bodywork or healthcare specialists when needed!

Thai Yoga massage is nice mobilizing treatment done on the mattress on the floor.

Therapist uses her own body movement and your body weight to perform different stretches and pressure techniques.

Reiki is calming energy treatment which helps to maintain and balance your physical and mental wellbeing.

The therapist channels universal vital energy to you through her hands (Chi, Prana, Life Force – however you know it). The Reiki technique originated in Japan and was introduced in the West in the 1930s. Reiki activates the body’s own healing system.

Read more about Reiki treatment

AGUAHARA is water relaxation that is based on certain moves and stretches happening on the surface of the water or underneath it.

The warm water and the Aguahara-therapist support the receiver’s body in this liquid space with almost no gravity allowing the body and mind gradually relax through movement impulses and free floating. Aguahara helps a human being to liberate and heal deeply.

Outi gives Aguahara sessions in the therapy pool of Mäkelänrinne Swimming Centre (Mäkelänkatu 49, Helsinki). Customer pays entrance fee to swimming hall.