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Massage, Bodywork and Holistic Wellbeing in kallio, Helsinki!

Massage and Bodywork prices

On the below you will find our service and treatment prices. Supporting local small entrepreneurs keeps quality services near you in the future!

Before making a booking it’s nice to check the prices and read our general terms.

A good service, massage or other bodywork treatment demands knowledge, skills and good physical condition of the Masseur or Bodyworker.

Supporting local entrepreneurs and paying a fair price guarantees that you can find good services in your neighborhood in the future.

We can also come to customer’s place. We offer Office massage, Event massage and Home visits! Contact us if you want to know more.

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The way we work!

On below you can find information how we work and what are the basic terms and conditions. You can find more detailed information on Frequently asked questions page or contact us directly!

Treatments and therapists

Some massage styles and bodywork or wellbeing services are specific to person who makes those. On the price list you can see who offers that service.

Healthcare or Bodywork service?

As a healthcare professionals we mainly offer healthcare services like classic and sports massage.

We have also had different extra courses on relaxing, pampering and other treatments and modalities which are bodywork services.


Treatment series

You can get 5-15 % discount from massage services if you buy them in advance. There are 3, 5 ja 10 session serial treatments.

Ask offer for other treatments directly from Masseur or Bodyworker.

If you are eligible for the discount remember to mention it when booking or paying.


Occasionally we have some offers for new and our loyal customers who have subscribed to our newsletter or follow us on Facebook.

Reschedule or cancel booking

Please notify us as soon as possible if there’s need for reschedule or cancel your appointment!

If you are unable to attend your appointment please remember to reschedule or cancel giving at least 24 hours notice.

You can also have someone else to have your booked treatment.

Otherwise we will have to charge you the full price of the treatment you have booked

Combining and mixing treatments

We can always combine massage and other modalities using different kind of strokes or techniques.

Combination therapy can also be shorter than normal treatment for example 30 minutes neck and shoulder massage combined with 15 minutes facial lymph drainage,

Examples of treatment duration

Regardless of the length of time you order we will customize your massage or other bodywork treatments for your needs.

First time when coming to massage we strongly recommend you to take 60 minutes to maximize the benefit.

If there are lots of problems with your muscles it will take longer than the example times suggested below. The treatment can also contain stretching and guiding you to do exercises properly.

First massage should be little bit longer at least 60 minutes because interview, check up and palpation takes more time if you haven’t been with us before.

30 minutes short partial massage is problem area oriented or relaxing massage. We recommend this only in rare cases

45 minutes partial massage  is massage which is good for the whole back, neck/shoulders or shoulders/hands

60-90 minutes half body is good massage for the upper or lower body. (Upper body = head, neck, shoulder, hands and upper back. Lower body = lower back, buttocks, thighs, calves and feet)

90–120 minutes full body massage is excellent for overall relaxation or if you have more problems in specific areas

Classic or sports massage

30 minutes40 €
45 minutes50 €
60 minutes75 €
75 minutes70 €
90 minutes80 €
120 minutes100 €
Heat or Cold pack during treatment ​5 €
  • Mobilizing, trigger point and fascia release techniques are used during the treatment
  • Massage can be modified to pregnancy or post natal massage. It can include also Occlusal muscle massage!
  • Inform us prior if you would like to have heat pack used

Treatment of the Masticatory system

45 minutes
55 €

Massage series

3 Times5 %
5 Times10 %
10 Times15 %
  • When bying massage treatment series you get discount from our normal prices

Manual lymph drainage

30 minutes35 €
60 minutes65 €
90 minutes95 €

Indian head massage

40 minutes50 €

Hot Stone - massage

45 minutes60 €
60 minutes70 €
90 minutes85 €

Osteopathy (3rd year trainee)

60 minutes65 €

Yoga massage

80 minutes80 €


30 minutes30 €
60 minutes60 €

Wellness coaching

90 minutes90 €

Aguahara - Water relaxation

60 minutes60 €

Aguahara - Vesirentoutus

60 minutes60 €
  • Customer pays the entrance fee to Mäkelänrinne swimming hall (mäkelänkatu 49, Helsinki)