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Massage, Bodywork and Holistic Wellbeing in kallio, Helsinki!

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Make booking easily online. We offer times on weekdays, weekends and even on public holidays. If you need time for same day contact us directly!

During the massage or other treatment we use special techniques (trigger point, fascia release treatment and mobilizing massage) if they are necessary.

We can also combine and mix massage styles and treatments together if you like. Massage can be harder deep tissue and sports massage or lighter relaxing and pampering.

We do our best to find you suitable time and we have also wide network of other massage, healthcare and bodywork professionals.

On below you will find information about making a booking and our general terms. If you have something to ask contact us directly!

Toni Ilola moved back to northern Finland

Toni moved back to Northern Finland with his family. He will be working on 1-2 weeks every 6-8 weeks. Next visit is 7.12.2023-12.12.2023 If you have Gift card or want to contact him just call +358 40 514 9357.

Booking and our general terms

You can make booking online or contacting our entrepreneurs directly by phone, text message, contact form or using our shared email address

Confirmed booking is always binding!

You can find more information about our Massage and Bodywork services, Prices and check also our Frequently asked questions page.

We do not answer calls or check our messages during the massage or other treatments. If you leave a message or your contact details we will contact you as soon as possible.

If you call from foreign number or service number we don’t usually call back. There are so many telemarketing and scam attempts going on so if you want us to call back  leave a message or contact us using other ways.

Rescheduling or cancelling your booking

Please notify us as soon as possible if there’s need for reschedule or cancel your appointment!

If you are unable to attend your appointment please remember to cancel giving at  least 24 hours notice. Otherwise we will have to charge you the full price of the treatment you have booked. You can also pass your time for your friend etc.

  1. Please notify the Masseur or Bodyworker directly from who you have made the booking
  2. If you made booking online you can reschedule or cancel your appointment via links on the confirmation email giving 24 hours notice

Book your Massage or Bodywork treatment online


Choose your Masseur or Bodyworker​

Studio Eudokia has team with strong skilled Massage and Bodywork professionals. You can find our trained Masseurs from the register of the Finnish National Supervisory for Wellfare and Health. Among them you also will find other Bodywork and Wellbeing professionals from our massage studio. We have been studying and training a lot and will continue it in the future too with different therapies, modalities and special techniques! Check our Massage and Bodywork services and prices. You can book Office massage, Event massage and get masseur home visit from us. We offer Healthcare Massage services, Bodywork and overall Wellbeing services.

Toni Ilola

Trained masseur & Bodyworker

Massage services

Bodywork and Wellbeing services

Jarno Mattila

Trained masseur & Bodyworker

Healthcare services

Bodywork and Wellbeing services

Ville Vertanen

Trained masseur, Bodyworker & Osteopathy trainee (3rd year)

Healthcare services

Bodywork and Wellbeing services

Outi Ivaska

Bodyworker, Wellness Coach & Reiki master

Bodywork and Wellbeing services