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Order a massage to home, event or hotel in Greater Helsinki

Give time to yourself or organize something for a larger group by asking a masseur for a home visit. We are mostly working in Capital Region!

Home visit in practice

You can order a masseur home, to an event or a hotel whenever it suits you and you don’t have time to visit a massage studio or if you just want some luxury on your everyday life.

There are many situations when it might be difficult to get to a Masseur or a Bodyworker – or it might just be more comfortable to get the treatment where you are.

You might not be able to leave your house because of a broken leg, being a caregiver or having small children, but your body would still need some treatment.

There are also parties and events where a masseur can provide relaxing or caring
massage, e.g. family events, evening parties, stag or bachelorette parties.

Also, if you are visiting another city and don’t want to use a taxi or public transport you can
have a massage where you stay. Get in touch and order a masseur!

Ordering a masseur is always more expensive than visiting the massage studio. The price is affected by many things such as timetable, urgency of the treatment, appointment time, number of people having a massage, distances, etc.The cost is usually a bit smaller if you  organize more massages at the same time.

How to get a reliable masseur for a home visit

In Finland, it’s normal to visit a masseur when problems start to arise. Many times masseurs and Bodyworkers also visit offices, workplaces or companies too. Often it’s possible to order a masseur home or to an event so it’s always worth asking!

A Masseur or Bodyworker who works at their own studio is always a safe choice because the company would not be running long if there were no customers or other shady business.

When you order a masseur through us you can be sure that one of our masseurs, or someone we recommend, is professional and does the job well.

A safe choice is a Trained masseur with a private business ID or some other company in the public register of social welfare, or a healthcare professional, JulkiTerhikki, or a business in the Company register at the Finnish Patent and
Registration office. In this way you can be assured that the person is a professional
Masseur with an official business. Other Bodyworker with a good reputation can also be a good option.

How a massage is done at home, in an event or a hotel

A massage can be given at almost any place and in any conditions. For a massage you only need a masseur and a customer. Everything else is just for extra comfort, like a massage table, massage oils and a calm space. A massage can even be  given in a sitting position if for some reason a massage table is not available or it can’t be used.

We always bring a professional massage table or chair to home visits or events, because they are often the most comfortable and best options for the customer and the masseur.

The masseur also brings all the needed items to a home visit and also takes them away when the massage ends.

If possible, we organize the treatment space to be both practical and unobstructed for the customer so that the treatment is easy and safe.

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