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Book Event massage in Greater Helsinki

A professional Masseur or Bodyworker giving a massage at an event improve the customer experience for the visitors and shows great care and consideration towards them. We are mostly working in Capital Region!

We execute different types of event massages professionally

We have an excellent track record of organizing massages at different types of events. By ordering a masseur to your event you can make it more interesting, make the visitors happier during the event and give more value to them whether they are exhibitors, lecturers, staff or customers. Even a short neck or hand massage makes customers smile! What could be nicer than sitting down for a massage during a break, lecture or as part of the programme.

In many events the aim is to make the massage easy to give and ensure that the customer doesn’t have to make an effort to attend. It’s e.g. often not possible to remove clothing or you have to be careful with the hair – and these wishes are always followed by our masseurs and body care experts. It’s possible to massage on top of the clothes and there are many massage styles and techniques available.

Through us you can also order several  professionals to give massages at once,
which increases the number of customers that can be served or the treatment length.

Things to consider when organising massages at events

Book masseur to an event - How to get started

  • Contact us and let’s go over your needs for event massage together!
  • We can also come to other cities to do massages in different events
  • Ask for more information and an offer in advance so that we can guarantee the
    availability of professional and knowledgeable Masseurs and Bodyworker!

Practical arrangements for massage at an event

Each massage appointment outside the studio is organised and priced according to
the schedule, urgency, treatment, number of customers and Masseurs or Bodyworkers, travelling distances and other conditions.

This is why we can give a more accurate estimate on the total cost and other arrangements after we get enough information about the job.

Get in touch well in advance so that you get our professional masseurs to attend your event!

Book masseur to an Event - Contact us and ask more!

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