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Book Office massage or masseur to your company in Greater Helsinki

By organising massage services for your staff you show that you care for them. We are mostly working in Capital Region!

Practical arrangements of company and office massage services

By organising massages at your company's location or a business event for your
staff or customers, you show that you care about them. A massage is easy to carry
out and it has an impact on customers’ physical and mental wellbeing. A massage
improves wellbeing at work and also increases comfort.
Many companies provide massages to their customers in different business events,
e.g. seminars, parties and exhibitions. Read more about event massages!
Each job is characterised by distinct musculoskeletal problems and mental strains
caused by the work or the surroundings, which are often reflected as feelings of
stress. With a massage it's possible to relieve physical symptoms and calm and relax
the mind, which also helps to reduce stress.
For people who sit to do work, e.g. office workers and drivers, problems are often
focused on the lower back, shoulders and hands. It's good to take note of the fact
that tightness in the neck and shoulders can cause many symptoms from
headaches, dizziness, feeling ill, to symptoms in the lower back and hands.
People who stand at work or move a lot have issues with strain in the back, tired
feet, numbing, pain and swelling. People who work a lot with their hands, e.g.
builders, masseurs and hairdressers, have issues in their neck and shoulders, upper
arm and forearm, as well as pain and numbing of wrists and fingers.
Whether these symptoms and problems occur is very much dependent on the nature
of work, conditions, frequency, work ergonomics and an employee’s own muscle
care. A trained masseur or another professional body care expert treats your staff.

with expertise and during treatment pays attention to all sorts of muscle tightnesses,
pain, reflection symptoms and numbing. If we feel that the symptoms need to be
looked at more closely, then we always direct our customers to further investigation
so that the issue does not get worse.

How you benefit from company or office massage services

Office and Onsite massage is always customized

The workplace massage is arranged so that the trained masseur comes to the workplace frequently during work hours or so that the employees can choose to which masseur they go and when. These options can also be combined.
The number of workplace massages, the  treatment types and lengths of treatment
depend on how many customers are coming, over how many days the massages are provided, whether it is a one-off event or continued  contract, how many Masseurs or Bodyworkers are needed, what problems the employees have and how much the company is willing to invest both in time and money.

We always provide a ready-made solution tailored to your company’s needs and the organizer does not have to spend time thinking. The practical details are always agreed beforehand, and the contract is updated when necessary to avoid any unclear matters.

Examples of massages and treatment times

Cost of workplace massage and dividing the cost

Before we can give you an offer we need some more information because there are many things which are affecting the price.

We need to know how many employees are interested about having Office massage, what’s the desired massage treatment duration and how often it should happen. Also working location and other things might affect the price.

Usually employer pays partly or full price of the Office massage. In some places employer only makes it possible for employees to have massage during their workday in the workplace premises.

From experience we know that in situations when employer only makes it possible to have massage in the workplace peremises and employees have to use their own time (e.g. lunch break) and money to pay Office massage it’s not really good fringe benefit at all.

Book onsite Office massage - How to get started

  • Contact us and let’s go through your needs
  • Your staff can book appointments and have massages either at your location
    or our studio during work or their own free time
  • We sign a written contract over the workplace massage (This is only needed if the employer pays a part of the cost and wants to deduct it in taxing (staff
    benefit). If the employer wants to use the deduction, the massage option must
    be offered to all staff (Read more on in Finnish or contact them directly)

Clear practices


  • Goes over the company’s needs and agrees the practical arrangements
  • Sends an example of a booking list or creates an online booking calendar
  • Brings all the equipment needed, as well as a travel massage table.
  • Organizes the location so that it’s suitable for massage
  • Cleans the space afterwards and leaves it in a good condition
  • Develops or changes the service if necessary
  • Tells in advance if agreed appointments are cancelled or finds a trusted colleague as replacement
  • Keeps a list of the customers who visit the studio and charges for their appointments afterwards from the company if necessary

The organizer:

  • Agrees with the masseur about practical arrangements
  • Is the contact person and organizes another contact person during holidays or days off
  • Informs if the agreed appointments are cancelled
  • Informs the staff about the massage and practical details related to it
  • Is in charge of the internal appointment booking in the company, if there is one
  • Organizes a suitable calm space for the treatments
  • Gives customer feedback to the masseur so that the service can be developed

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